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The marriage equality campaign is getting complaints over

The message voters have been receiving this weekend. Photo: Supplied. Australia?s marriage equality campaign has started to voters urging a (4 weeks ago)

iPhone Not ? Here's How to Fix SMS

When an iPhone user sends a text message to a non-iPhone user like an Android phone, the message is sent through SMS, as is indicated by a green message (1 year ago)

Problems With on MetroPCS

Network Connection. If your MetroPCS mobile phone is not , check your phone's network connection. You cannot send or receive text messages while (2 days ago)

Cyber terror suspect to parents

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry confirms the domestic terrorist behind the threats to schools has now hacked into the Columbia Falls School District server. By (1 month ago)

3 Ways to Send a Flirty Text Message

How to Send a Flirty Text Message. The hard part is already over. You got their number. Your adrenaline is flowing, your vision blurs, and you escape just before you (5 days ago)


Sending text (SMS) messages internationally How to send a text message to a wireless phone in another country: Sending a text message internationally works the same (3 days ago)

Text With Our Journalist Traveling With President Trump

I?m Mike Shear, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, and I?m taking off soon for an overseas trip with President Trump. I?m reaching (4 months ago)


i did a search for this and didnt find anything i have the galaxy s4 and just a little while ago, started getting "failed" messages on my texts . (3 years ago)

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

Checking and replying to email is a huge time sink. Of course, you can?t just write a program to handle all your email for you, since each message requires its own (4 days ago)


Do more using Mac with other Apple devices. Make phone calls, send text messages, hand off files, copy and paste, and automatically unlock your Mac. (4 weeks ago)

Definition of Sending

the act of causing something to go especially messages

Definition of Text

the words of something written; a passage from the Bible that is used as the subject of a sermon; a book prepared for use in schools or colleges; the main body of a written work as distinct from illustrations or footnotes etc